Hiding in plain sight

Rimless glasses, everywhere but never noticed. Under the radar but very much a cornerstone of the eyewear world. These delicate mainstays never leave the mainstream but flirt every so often, with the catwalk and super celebs. They are the invisible trend!

If you like a clean, transparent look, why not consider giving this underrated and often overlooked style a whirl? And we’re here to tell you why…

Always in fashion

You’d be forgiven for writing them off as an old person’s glasses of choice. But before you do, have a little look around the wider world, scour the red carpet galleries, have a flick through the fashion press and a scroll through some influencer Instagram accounts. You maybe surprised. If they’re good enough for Hollywood, they’re good enough for you!

Ancient history

Dating back to the 1880s, rimless glasses were originally invented as an evolution of the monocle by Johann Friedrich Voigtländer, in Austria. Wearing glasses was not something to be celebrated back then, and this frameless style provided a ‘barely there’ solution. American President, Teddy Roosevelt brought rimless glasses to the forefront as they become part of his presidential legacy, never to be seen without them.

You’re in good company

Let’s fast forward to the 90s and the technology explosion that made Apple a global household name. And along with it, came the mastermind behind the iconic brand, Steve Jobs and his simple uniform of rimless glasses and black roll neck, synonymous with minimalism, slick design and innovation. Much like Apple itself.

A firm favourite with the experts

Good news, if you’re either near-sighted or far-sighted, both prescription needs can be used with rimless glasses. What’s more, the chances are you will be encouraged to do so as they’re a popular recommendation by options around the world. Although they’re so light, not to mention flexible, the lack of frame does not jeopardise the quality of vision in any way.

Light as a feather!

A person can wear rimless glasses longer than most other styles without any strain, compared to metal frames or even plastic ones. This is because rimless eyeglasses are so light-weight, your nose is left unscathed by nose pad marks. Overall, they are more comfortable than rimmed and semi-rimmed glasses.

And light on the pocket

Since the frame is almost non-existent (compared to a metal, a plastic, or a semi-rimless frame), the cost of production is reduced.

Check our rimless range now for your next pair!


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