Show your peepers a little love this winter

At the risk of sounding like Ned Stark, ‘Winter is coming’. The nights are drawing in, the leaves are turning a gorgeous shade of orange and you’ve already dug your big coat out of storage.  With the drop in temperature and darkness to contend with, it’s safe to say that winter is not the favourite season of our poor, hardworking eyes.  So here are a few handy hints to take care of both your vision and yourself.

Blowing hot and cold   

Nope, we’re not talking about your latest love interest or pet cat. We’re talking about the constant change of freezing air and central heating that assault our eyes on a daily basis over the colder months, sucking the moisture from our eyes and skin, leaving them dry and itchy.  Avoiding these kind of environments is near enough impossible in winter, so educate yourself about what products are out there.

Protect your peepers  

Icy winds are no one’s friend, especially your poor blinkers so get into the habit of wearing protective eyewear when you venture outside on windy winter days. Even if it’s a pair of sunglasses. Not only will your eyes will be thankful, you will give off major Rockstar vibes.

Polar-eyes (see what we did there?!)

Although we have less daylight in winter, the sun stays lower, more at eye level and is just as bright. To swerve the squint, opt for polarised sunglasses if possible which will stays help reduce glare of slippery surfaces like roads, snow or water. They will also protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Treat your eyes to a drink

We all get thirsty and your eyes are no different. Keep a little bottle of eye drops with you throughout the day to take care of any sudden episodes of irritation.  We also recommend applying a dry eye gel before bedtime, for extra love and care.

Hit the vits

We can’t sing the praises of Omega-3 Oils enough, not only do they improve memory and brain function, they also help improve the eye’s Meibomian glands, which produce the oily parts of tears. Fatty fishes like salmon and tuna are laden with Omega 3, as are flax and chia seeds, and walnuts.

Dark is the night

It’s no secret that human vision is naturally poorer at night, we’re not owls. And with the shorter winter days, driving in the dark becomes unavoidable. It may sound obvious, but making sure your windshield, mirrors and windows are clean will go a long way to helping you see better at night. And if you have to make any long journeys, stop for a rest at least every two hours to avoid eye fatigue and drowsiness.

The Age Factor 

There’s no escape sadly, our eyes deteriorate as we get older. The lens becomes cloudy, meaning winter’s lower light conditions can make visibility even trickier. Whilst we can’t stop our eyes from declining, we can make sure we get our eyes checked regularly so any issues can be treated asap.

Make sure your glasses are doing your sight justice  

Your eyes do you right, so do right by your eyes. Make sure that your glasses are the right prescription and that you wear them when you need too. No getting halfway home from work and suddenly realising that they’re still on your desk. They’re no good there! Maybe treat yourself to a cheap pair that lives only in your car, and a pair that only lives at work, that way you’ll never be without them! Check out our £5-10 ranges which allow you to have multiple pairs of glasses so you never have to be without.

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