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Meet @whateviedid, style queen, influencer, make up whizz and proud specs wearer. Evie has been wearing glasses since she was just 14 years old and very kindly shared some of her top styling tips for looking and feeling SPEC-tacular!

Evie wears Baseline Harriet

  1. Don’t Be Shy To Go All Out On The Eye Makeup

I LOVE makeup, I love going all out on the eyeshadow and the glitter and I feel like a lot of the time people feel like wearing glasses means you can’t see your makeup but it doesn’t at all! If anything it draws more attention to your eyes so go all out, make those eyelids gold and shiny, you do you boo.

  1. Pick A Pair That You Feel Super Comfortable In

I mean I’ve had to wear glasses pretty much 24/7 since I was about 14 so I’ve kind of had to accept the glasses wearing life but I know some people are so against the thought. I don’t know why when you can get some super cute pairs nowadays. The biggest thing for me was picking a pair that I feel 100% comfortable in everyday, no matter what I’m doing or what I’m wearing I want to know they’ll look nice. I have always opted for a toirtise shell kind of coloured frame as I feel like they go with everything I wear, they are still fairly neutral and not as harsh as black but also really pretty.

  1. Make Sure You Always Have A Cloth With You

Running the risk of sounding like an absolute Grandma, but there is nothing I hate more than having smudgey glasses, or glasses that I can’t see out of because they’ve been rained on, or little pieces of mascara stuck to the insides, classy I know. Having a cloth with you in your handbag at all times is an absolute life saver. Thank me later.

  1. The Bigger The Better

I am a huge advocate for the big frames, I love the more round ones personally and there are so many benefits of having bigger frames. You can see more of your eyes, you can actually see more of the world through the glasses as the lenses are bigger, they are such a fashion statement now too and they just look fab. I mean I know it’s all personal preference but I just love love love the bigger and more round frames.

  1. Be Confident In Your Specs

I know a lot of the time some people feel uneasy wearing glasses, or don’t feel like they suit them etc, I’ve spoken to friends who have to wear glasses and feel they say they feel really self concious in them and I’m like girl WHY?! We’ve moved on from the days where having to wear glasses made you look ‘nerdy’ and even if they did…then who cares?! But if you go out showing your confidence in your glasses then other people will feel that confidence too and you will always look fabulous!

Here’s Evie’s Top Three Low Cost Choices

Baseline Harriet Oversized, pink and only £10… what’s not to love?

Elite Lilac in Tortoiseshell Tortoiseshell and gold are a bit of a match made in heaven. The gold touches add an understated elegance to these slim round frames. NOW £60, was £90.

Elite Cinnamon in Purple Tortoiseshell with a purple twist? Yes please. A classic with a hint of fun! NOW £60, was £90.

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