The best glasses for a square face shape

Choosing the right glasses can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of your face shape. Each face shape has its own set of characteristics that are suited towards certain styles.

In this case, if you have a square face, your angular facial features are flattered by glasses that soften the contours and sit high up on the bridge of the nose.

Firstly, how do I know if I have a square face?

People will square faces generally have broad foreheads that are wider from side to side. Their cheeks are not as angled and are placed higher compared to other face shapes but remain in line with the other features on their face. A clear sign of a square face is the shape of the chin. A square face’s most telling characteristic is a strong horizontal jawline.

What style of glasses suit a square face?

When choosing your glasses, the objective should be to elongate and soften the face by adding curving lines. This means that your face shape is more suited towards round and oval shaped glasses. The curved frames give you a more polished look which will soften your features and succeed at balancing the face to minimise your strong angles.

We’ve discovered that most face shapes are complimented by brow line glasses, due to their classic semi-rimless design. This style of frame only has material on the top, leaving the lenses exposed on the lower half. Its silhouette adds balance and creates the illusion of length, effectively slimming down the appearance of the face, which is perfect for a square shape.

If you’re looking for something unique, we recommend giving cat-eye style glasses a go. These glasses are suited to square faces, as long as you choose frames with curved lines and stay away from angular shapes.

What about colours?

If you have a square face, you’re open to be bold with your colour choices. Try traditional jet black for a modern aesthetic, go all out with a mauve or opt for tortoiseshell patterns if you’re looking for something more classic. We do recommend avoiding lighter colours, as these can get lost on your face – be confident and make a statement!

What should I avoid?

For someone with a square face, the sharpness of your facial features could be exaggerated if you choose glasses that also have sharp angles.

Try to avoid thin, angular and square frames as these styles will accentuate your chin. Ideally, you would assume that an angular frame would complement your angular shape, however it does the complete opposite. Square frames will look too heavy on your face and make your strong features stand out, which can be unflattering

When it comes to buying glasses for a square face, you can be bold and confident in your choice. Choose glasses that soften your features and go for bright colours if you’re feeling daring. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect pair.

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