If you’ve got an oval shaped face, you’re lucky. Oval shaped faces are considered to be the ‘ideal’ face shape for glasses. Perfectly balanced, oval face shapes can wear just about every style of frame out there with confidence.

However, there are still a few general rules you should follow when searching for those perfect new set of frames.


Do I have an oval face? 


Oval faces tend to have narrow foreheads and chins which are complemented perfectly by high cheekbones and a curving jawline. Your face will have very balanced features which means you have an easy job when it comes to shopping for your new specs.


What shape suits oval faces?


Well, just about anything!

If you have an oval face, you’re more easily able to pick frames than other face shapes. Because of your balanced facial features, your face shape will suit nearly every type of frame. So, the world is your oyster – why not go for a range of styles?


What shapes should I avoid for an oval face?

Before you get ahead of yourself, there is still something you should watch out for when browsing glasses. The narrow shape of an oval forehead and chin means that small frames should be avoided. The smaller frames tend to highlight the narrower shape of your face which will detract from the natural balance you already have.

To help make your online shopping experience easier and quicker, make sure you are customising your search results. By doing so, you won’t be shown any small frames and instead see only frames that would suit your face shape.


What designs suit oval faces? 

While every style of frame would suit an oval face, not every design will.

Generally speaking, oval faces are ideal for bold and colourful frames. High cheek bones lend themselves perfectly to those standout patterns and designs – so get creative with your new look!

If you have a petite oval face, rimless or semi rimless will help to make your features stand out. If you have a longer oval face, stick to full rimmed frames instead.

Since you’ve got a pretty broad spectrum of frames to choose from, you have the luxury of being even more picky when it comes to things like colour. Why not match your frames to your hair or eye colour – after all, you’ve got the freedom to do so.

Frames with gold, pink or purple shades are perfect for blue and green eyes. Warmer tones compliment brown eyes and grey and deep green help to flatter hazel coloured eyes. Now is the time to get creative and play around with colours and textures, so try not to take your universal face shape for granted!

There you have it, a quick guide to the best glasses for oval faces. To summarise, you’re pretty much able to go for any type of frames you’d like. However, make sure to avoid any frames that are small to help maintain the equilibrium on your face.

Make sure to share your pictures of you new frames with us – we can’t wait to see them!


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