Choose the right tint for you and your style!

Okay, so life isn’t going quite as we’d planned for 2020 (possibly the understatement of the year!) but at least the sunshine is on our side. So let’s not torture ourselves with thoughts of holidays lost or cancelled. But we can still remain hopeful, that the British Summer continues to deliver some serious sunshine this year for us to enjoy in our gardens, balconies and on our daily wanders. Naive? Possibly. Optimistic? Hell yes!  Our cocktail glass is definitely half-full when it comes to good times.

Well, we’ve got some great news for you. Not only are we offering half priced tints on all our prescription glasses, but we’re also going to tell you how to choose the right tint for you and your style.

Choosing new sunglasses is always fun, however it’s important to remember that they also do the essential job of protecting your eyes from UV damage, so make sure you pick a pair that will do just that. Style AND substance please.

Did you know that ANY of our glasses can be made into a pair of sunglasses? Here at Low Cost Glasses, we offer lens tints in blue, green, grey and brown. You can choose either a flat tint made from varying strengths the lighter 20% up to the darker 80%, or a graduated tint which is darker at the top to filter out bright sunlight.

You may need a certain colour for your favourite sport or you may simply just love the look, but each colour has its own benefits. With so much choice, how do you know which one is for you?


Grey is a good neutral all-rounder and is particularly popular with those who enjoy an outdoor activity as it helps reduce brightness without any colour distortion. Aesthetically-speaking, its naturally cool tones mean grey lends itself well to all colour palettes and adds an air of sophistication. No wonder Victoria Beckham’s a fan.


Popular with snow and watersports’ enthusiasts, brown works wonders in high-glare environments, whilst still giving decent contrast on both sunny and overcast days. Style-wise, its soft warmth gives a nod to the 70s topping off your look with a retro vibe, especially when worn in with an aviator style a la Brad.


Not an obvious choice, but one with so many benefits, green is often used to soften harsh bright lights to reduce eye strain. It also provides a mild contrast with suitable colour balance making it a great general purpose tint. All this and it adds a pop of colour to any look, Miss Aniston wears it well!


It may not surprise you to know that studies have shown blue lenses can have a calming effect on the eyes. Soothing blue isn’t the most effective tool against bright sunlight but they come into their own in overcast conditions or hazy light. They’re great for long term wear, which is why you rarely see Johnny Depp without his.

With prescription sunglasses from as little as £21 there’s never been a better time to treat yourself to a pair of sunnies. Click here…

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