Being asked to choose your top ten fave frames from the Low Cost Glasses Black Friday Blowout is a bit like being asked to choose your favourite child. Not easy and a little controversial. But always fun to give it a go.

As you’ll only be seeing your friends, family, colleagues and, well, pretty much all other human beings via small screen for the foreseeable, why not take this opportunity to freshen up your face furniture and show off a new pair of stylish specs? I mean, there’s not a lot of point in upping your shoe-game right now, is there?

So, as they say on Strictly, in no particular order, the first pair to make it into our top ten is…

  1. Dunlop D145_2

The thick black full frame of these men’s Dunlop D145_2s works well with any winter wardrobe. They even make granny’s itchy knitted sweater a thing of geek-chic greatness. And you can’t go wrong with the warming touch of tortoiseshell on your ears at this time of year. Plus, at just £15 (that’s a saving of 110 smackaroonies, peeps), these specs are one of the best Black Friday buys you’ll ever find.

  1. Vera Wang V384

Now, something for the ladies. We love-love-love these sexy, stylish spectacles. Cat-eye is a huge trend in eyewear right now with the angular frame especially suited to oval or round face shapes. But these beauts are subtle. Not too pointy. Not too ‘cat’. No one’s going to offer you a bowl of milk and a belly rub. Awesome news is, both the black and tortoiseshell styles are included in this Black Friday offer. You’re welcome.

3&4. TokyoTom TT27-2   / TokyoTom TT44-1

Next, a pop of colour. The TT27-2 for ladies and the TT44-1 for men. Both full rectangular frames, both with a subtle mahogany finish (think more super-cool than sideboard) and both with an unapologetic slice of ice-white trim and red inner. Oh yes, and both are an absolute steal at just £10. These are the His & Hers of our Black Friday offers.

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs 630 BOG

These specs are way more stylish than their name suggests. The 630 BOG. Who knows what it stands for…Big On Gorgeousness? Beautifully Outrageous Glasses? They might be named after a toilet but no one cares when they look this good. Neutral tones with a pop of blue is a stand-out look this season. Beige is most definitely not boring when you’re brave enough to add spectacles that sing. So, number five on our list is the men’s Marc by Marc Jacobs 630 BOG in blue. Down from £170 to £55. That’s a Bargain Of Greatness.

  1. KANGOL Beret in Wine

The best bit about a Black Friday Blowout is that you can treat yourself to a new pair of specs without blowing the budget. So, instead of looking for a pair of glasses that ‘last a lifetime’ and ‘go with everything’, why not set your sights on something a little more…fun?! And what’s more fun than getting the hottest look of the season for a fraction of the price? The Beret Wine Frame from Kangol is spot on trend right now. Full oval frame? Tick. Transparent block colour? Tick-tick. Did you know head-to-toe red is totally on trend this season? Someone tell the little jolly fella, he’s finally in fashion.

  1. FENDI 995 714

Fendi Frames for under £70?! That can’t be right. Women’s half-rim, cat-eye in gorgeous gold. Super slim arms. A tiny touch of tortoiseshell and that oh so delicate letting detail on the arm. This is Fendi at its finest. ‘nuff said.

  1. TokyoTom TT28-2

We know, we know, this is the third pair of TokyoTom frames we’ve included in our top ten. We can’t help it. They’re just so darn amazing. The men’s TT28-2 has a rectangular grey and brown metal full frame. They’re not shouty. They’re suave and stylish. With fine gold detailing down the arms. These will look great with a pair of posh wellies.

  1. Nord Lite Edilon

Time for something a little different. Rectangular semi-rim black frame with a super thin metal arm and black tips. These Nord Lite women’s glasses are smart. Sophisticated. Elegant. And lightweight, which is a massive bonus when your face is already decked-out to the max in an oversized hat, scarf and face mask. Unless you want to look like the Invisible Man, keep it light. Keep it natural. And keep some pennies in your pocket. To be fair, with only half a frame, you’d expect to get a bit of a discount, eh.

10. Alexander McQueen MCQ0055_F_GG6

We couldn’t have a Top Ten without including the eyewear royalty that is McQueen. Known for its rebellious creations, this is a brand that takes spectacle style to a whole new level. These are men’s frames in aqua and black. But there’s also a full frame in deep red for the ladies. We like to play fair. Technically that would make this the Black Friday Blowout Top Eleven Picks. But that sounds less good. And who’s counting anyway, right.

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