The countdown has officially begun. After what feels like forever locked away from the rest of the world (and the world locked away from us), there’s a glimmer of hope that we’ll soon be able to step out and actually (dare I say it?) see people. In person. Eek!

2020 will go down in history as The Year of the Sweatpants (amongst other things, obviously). But it’s safe to say that our focus on fashion has wavered somewhat. And who could blame us? There’s no need to look good when the new going out-out, is staying in-in by yourself-self. It won’t be long though, and we’ll be stepping out into the real world again. Looking ahead to a new era, a new season and a new sense of style (one that doesn’t rely on elasticated waists and the latest Zoom filter).

We’re talking about Spring/Summer 2021 and the spectacle styles that’ll ensure you and your face emerge from lockdown looking fashion-forward and fabulous.


Move over transparent, there’s a new T in town. Translucent frames are one of this season’s top trends. ‘But what’s the difference?!’ I hear you muse. Well, last season we were all about total transparency – completely clear frames. Translucency is less see-through and slightly more ‘opaque’. And the best bit? You can get creative with colour. Ruby red, neon yellow, blue, pink, purple and aqua-marine; every colour’s cool when it’s translucent. But why limit yourself to just one colour? Mix things up a bit with a touch of two-tone – like the URBN WEST PIPPA frames, which have a translucent pink frame and a translucent yellow arm – or go for out-there ombre with these Marc Jacobs 592s, which fade from translucent blue at the top to translucent yellow at the bottom.

Oversized thin frames

Next up, a style staple with a twist. XL glasses are always on trend but this season there’s a subtle spin in the shape of super-fine frames. The larger lens opens the eye, and the slim frame keeps them light on the face: great for petite or angular features. Go for round and retro with slender gold or silver, or up your geek game with sharp rectangles in bright block colours or tortoise print. The bigger the better as long as you keep them super light and barely there. We can’t get enough of Elite Lita in grey, brown or purple. These are the spectacles that you’re going to be seeing on style bloggers and vloggers everywhere. And it doesn’t stop there. If oversized to you conjures images of 70s New York and Studio 54, then get groovy with our TV-sized Pierre Cardin 6149 frames. And a graduated tint to maximise those too-cool-for-the-swimming-pool vibes.

A hint of pink

If there’s one colour that’s really popping this season, it’s pink. And it’s everywhere, in every shade imaginable; from subtle salmon and barely-there blush to full-on flamingo and fuchsia. There’s a pink to suit every palette. And the animals are getting in on the act too, with pink leopard print, pink giraffe print and even pink tortoiseshell all making a stylish appearance this season. If you want super subtle, try all-over pastel dainty pink metal, like the Titanium Aegean, or if in-ya-face pink is more your cocktail, then you can razzle and dazzle in our Iceberg 256. Consider yourself as a bit of a fashionista? Then look no further than our over-the-brow pink marbled Elite Shadow.

Prints and patterns

If cool colours and seriously stylish shapes weren’t enough to excite us spectacle-wearers this season, we’re also predicting a lovefest for mood-boosting patterns and prints. Go totally wild. Or go geometric. Or floral for that matter. The choice is yours and there’s plenty of it. Classic tortoiseshell says vintage cool, while sharp shapes and flower power lets you go crazy with colour. Jump straight in with all-over pattern from ear tip to ear tip – we love these G109s from Truth – or add just a touch on the temple like these Urbn West Corals. Whatever your print preference, we say embrace it and cover your face in it.

Important reminder! When choosing a new pair of glasses, there are only two things that you need them to do: suit your face (shape and skin tone) and reflect your personality. Beyond that, the choice is yours. So be brave. Be bold. Be a spectacle-wearing-superstar. This is your time to shine so jazz up your face furniture and remind people how good you look in 3D.

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