If you’ve been to the opticians recently, you’ll probably be painfully aware of the cost of glasses. Even if you’re entitled to NHS specs, the cost of the frames can be eye-watering. And that will lead you to look at cheaper alternatives… And the inevitable question: are cheap glasses bad for your eyes?

The problem is that there is no straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Because it all comes down to the type of low-cost glasses you decide to buy.

Can Cheap Glasses Damage Your Eyes? 5 Things you Need to Know

Non-prescription glasses

You can find non-prescription reading glasses in high street stores up and down the country. From book shops to supermarkets. They’re cheap as chips and not overly well made. But if you need a little extra magnification when you’re reading, they can seem to do the job. These glasses are basically holding a miniature magnifying glass to each of your eyes. And in the short term, there’s nothing long with that. But if you find yourself relying on the glasses for extended periods, then you can become susceptible to eye strain, headaches, and other related problems.

Prescription glasses

If you have been diagnosed as requiring a particular level of prescription, opting for off-the-peg glasses isn’t a good idea. They may help you to focus more clearly initially, but overtime you will find that eye strain becomes a problem. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from low-cost glasses. You just need to find the right supplier.

How to buy cheap glasses

If you need prescription glasses but don’t want to pay the prices you’ll find in an optician, your best recourse is to look online. With suppliers like Low Cost Glasses, you can enter your exact prescription requirements, then match it with the frames of your choice. With frames starting at just £5, and even designer frames available at massively reduced price points, it’s possible to find frames you love with the lenses you need with very little impact on your pocket. You can even find prescription sunglasses, and digital tools to help you work out the best frame type and size for your face.

Are cheap glasses worth it?

As long as you work with a supplier that can provide you with the correct prescription, cheap glasses are definitely worth it. They will deliver exactly the same results as glasses purchased from your local optician, with the only real difference being the cost.

Why are glasses so expensive?

When purchasing from an optician glasses are expensive for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s the quality of the product. Sometimes, it’s the name of the brand. You will always pay more for DKNY Armani and Ray-Ban, than you will a lesser-known brand. But there are other factors too. At an opticians, you are also paying for the time of the person serving you in store. You’re paying for the store’s overheads too – heating, lighting, rent. And there’s also the factor of competition. Until very recently, opticians have had no competition for your custom. If you needed glasses, you needed to buy from them. Sure, there’s always more than one optician on every high street. But if they all keep their prices the same, you have to pay the same amount of money. There was no incentive to bring the prices down. At Low Cost Glasses, we’re changing the game, delivering the same goods for a far reduced price. And as other cheap glasses providers come online, the opticians will soon have to follow suit.

So, are cheap glasses bad for your eyes? Short answer, they can be, if you make bad choices. But if you work with a supplier that can deliver the prescription you require, cheap glasses can be as good for your eyes as they are for your pocket!

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