Have you noticed how when you’re buying prescription glasses the price of your frames can often be as much as the price of your lenses? If you find yourself stumbling into the designer section, then they can cost more. Why is that? Are cheaper frames going to fall apart? Or maybe do something strange to the way that your glasses fit on your face? There surely must be a good reason to spend all that extra money. Surely! So, why are glasses so expensive, and are cheap glasses frames any good?

Are Cheap Glasses Frames Good? What You Need to Know

Why are glasses frames so expensive?

A lot of emphasis is put on craftmanship when you’re looking at glasses frames. People talk of improved design, better materials, stronger structure, and the expertise of the manufacturer. And all of that does play a part. But we’ve reached a stage in glasses design now that there’s not a lot of structural development going on. And of course, we pay for design, but do we really need to pay £120 worth of design for every pair? No. The main reason that opticians charge so much for glasses frames is because they can. Until recently, there’s been no competition, and the frames help to deliver a good margin.

Are cheap glasses frames good?

We live in a society where you usually get what you pay for. If you pay less for something, you don’t always expect it to last. And that has led most of us to be suspicious of bargains. So, we take the more expensive option. The thing is, with glasses frames there are limited places to cut corners. Sure, titanium glasses frames are always going to be stronger than lightweight plastic. But that doesn’t mean that cheaper glasses frames are going to fail you. In most cases, spending more won’t even mean that you are getting better looking glasses. In fact, if you shop in the right places, you can find the most fashionable designer glasses frames for a fraction of the high street optician price. And as long as you’re buying from an etailer that provides you with the ability to order your exact prescription, the only difference you’ll notice is the price.

Where can I find cheap glasses?

You can find cheap glasses all over the place. From the internet to your local book store. But not all cheap glasses are made equal! You can buy glasses over the counter, but they will not be created specifically to meet the needs of your eyes. All they do is provide fixed magnification, which is great in an emergency. But not so good if your left and right eyes have different requirements – as is often the case. So, if you’re looking for cheap prescription glasses, you need to find an online specialist, like Low Cost Glasses. We will help you to order the exact prescription you need, while offering you a whole host of frame styles, brands, and prices.

In our opinion, cheap glasses frames are great! They do the job you need them to do. They look good. And they save your pennies for whatever else you need them for. What more could you need?

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