There are few things more frustrating than breaking or losing your prescription glasses. Because, whether it’s reading glasses or varifocals, getting prescription glasses made takes time. Right? It must do, because every time you order from an optician, it takes at least a week for them to be ready. So, what’s the deal with next day delivery on prescription glasses? How is it possible? Where can you get them from? And are they any good?

Next Day Delivery Prescription Glasses: What You Need to Know

How can I get prescription glasses that will be ready the next day?

The simple answer to that is to buy online. There are some – rare – high street opticians that offer a next day delivery service, but you will pay a premium price for it. When you order online from a company like Low Cost Glasses, you can find a selection of frames available for next day delivery. Simply select the type of glasses you need, enter your prescription requirements and pupil distance, then follow the prompts to select your frame style. After that, all you need to do is place your order. As long as you order before 1pm, your glasses will be with you the next working day.

What types of glasses are available for next day delivery?

At Low Cost Glasses, we offer a next day delivery service for distance, reading, intermediate, varifocal/c series, and fashion glasses. We have a range of frame shapes, styles, and colours available. So, you can easily find a look at suits you.

Are next day delivery prescription glasses any good?

Businesses that make prescription glasses all use the same equipment to do their job. They have the same tool, machinery, and expertise. So, as long as you take care to accurately enter your prescription requirements when placing your order, your glasses will be just as good as any you could get from an optician. The only difference is that they’ll be cheaper. And they’ll be with you faster.

Why can I get glasses faster online than instore?

Very few opticians manufacture their own glasses inhouse. This means that they have to work with the schedule of their optical lab. As well as their own technicians. If the lab is busy, or your chosen frames are currently unavailable, customers have to wait. Because we produce all our glasses inhouse, we can oblige customers who need their glasses urgently. And because we only advertise the frames that we know we have available, no one is ever kept waiting for unavailable stock. There are times when only an optician will do. And it’s integral that you get the right prescription for your eyes – they’re important, you have to take care of them. But if you need glasses in a hurry, looking online can provide the best solution. Delivering high quality, low-cost glasses the next working day. Find out more about next day glasses delivery with Low Cost Glasses. 

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