So, you’ve seen an optician. You’ve been told that you need new glasses. The problem is that they won’t be ready for a week. Which is fine in a lot of cases. But if you’re struggling with eye strain, or suffering from headaches, a week can feel like a really long time… And longer still, if you’ve managed to break or mislay the glasses that you rely on every day. That’s where next day delivery glasses come into their own.

Everything You Need to Know About Next Day Glasses with Low Cost Glasses

What types of glasses are available for next day delivery?

At Low Cost Glasses we offer distance, intermediate, reading, and fashion lenses for our next day glasses customers. We have a range of frame styles available for men and women, in a wide variety of colours and shapes. And by following the simple prompts, you can make sure that your glasses are the perfect fit.

How do I get the right prescription?

When you visit an optician, you will receive a card detailing your prescription requirements. It’s important. Keep hold of it. This won’t just allow you to cheaply shop around your local opticians, looking for the best style and price. It will also give you the power to shop for prescription glasses online.

Simply visit Low Cost Glasses, choose your glasses type, and enter the three values – SPH, CYL, AXIS – for each eye. This will enable us to create the perfect lenses to suit your eyes. And if you order before 1pm, they’ll be with you the next working day.

How good are next day glasses?

The quality of our next day glasses is comparable to any you might purchase from an optician. Our lenses are crafted to the highest quality, using the same technology as any of our high street competitors. And we have frames ranging from budget to designer. The only real difference you are likely to notice between our glasses and other provider’s is that ours are cheaper. And they only costs less because our margins are lower. And we strike better deals with our suppliers.

Are there any drawbacks to next day glasses?

The only reason next day glasses may not be suitable for you is if you need varifocals (these take a little longer to make), or you’re ordering at the wrong time. Order after 1pm, and we can’t guarantee that your glasses will reach you on the next working day. We also currently don’t offer this service on weekends or during public holidays. However, whenever you place your order, it will always be with you more quickly than a standard high street optician could deliver.

There’s little arguing against the fact that we could all do with taking things a little slower these days. We don’t always need everything now. Sometimes, it’s good to wait. But if you have a problem with your glasses, few of us can afford to wait. The sooner we can get replacements the better. So, that’s why we offer our next day glasses service. And that’s why we never scrimp on quality.

To order your prescription glasses for next day delivery, visit Low Cost Glasses

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