Can you wear glasses in VR: the ultimate guide to eyesight and virtual reality

Can you wear glasses in VR? The ultimate guide to eyesight and virtual reality Looking at buying a virtual reality headset and wondering; should I wear glasses in VR? Virtual reality (VR) headsets became all the craze after they were released in 2016. Although their history goes much further back than that, 2016 is when […]

Understanding your prescription

Understanding your prescription CRACK THE CODE! Our guide to understanding your prescription If you’ve ever left the optician, fresh from an eye test and taken one look at your brand new prescription and thought ‘WHAT THE HECK!?’, you are not alone. Glasses prescriptions can be tricky to understand, especially if you have a complex prescription. […]

8 times glasses were iconic

Gone are the days of eyeglasses being reserved for superheroes in their normal life disguises or nerdy teens before they’re transformed into high school heartthrobs. In fact, for centuries, they’ve been a statement piece (of sorts) for every faction of society. But dating back all the way to 1290, there’s just not time to summarise every time […]

How to stop eyes strain caused by screens | Low Cost Glasses™

Screen-time fatigue anyone? While many of us are well used to spending eight hours a day looking at our screens for work, we may be less used to looking at that screen from the sofa, a makeshift desk on the breakfast bar, or from a panic-bought chair that’s far from fit for purpose. Working from […]