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Trends For SS 2021 You Need To Know About

TRENDS FOR SS 2021 YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT The countdown has officially begun. After what feels like forever locked away from the rest of the world (and the world locked away from us), there’s a glimmer of hope that we’ll soon be able to step out and actually (dare I say it?) see people. […]

8 times glasses were iconic

Gone are the days of eyeglasses being reserved for superheroes in their normal life disguises or nerdy teens before they’re transformed into high school heartthrobs. In fact, for centuries, they’ve been a statement piece (of sorts) for every faction of society. But dating back all the way to 1290, there’s just not time to summarise every time […]

Stylize your eyes with Insta Queen @whateviedid

Meet @whateviedid, style queen, influencer, make up whizz and proud specs wearer. Evie has been wearing glasses since she was just 14 years old and very kindly shared some of her top styling tips for looking and feeling SPEC-tacular! Evie wears Baseline Harriet Don’t Be Shy To Go All Out On The Eye Makeup I […]

Hiding in plain sight

Rimless glasses, everywhere but never noticed. Under the radar but very much a cornerstone of the eyewear world. These delicate mainstays never leave the mainstream but flirt every so often, with the catwalk and super celebs. They are the invisible trend! If you like a clean, transparent look, why not consider giving this underrated and […]

High Fashion for your Face!

Hey hey hey, BIG NEWS! Low Cost Glasses has now expanded its (already huge we may add) repertoire to bring you a discounted designer range starting at £60. Yes, you read that right. We’re talking supermodel styles with bargain basement price tags. Spoilt for choice much? Even more scandalous bargains to sit alongside those specsy […]

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