So what exactly is your PD?

Your Pupillary Distance is the measurement between the centres of your pupils and is needed to verify where you look through the lenses of your glasses, to ensure perfect vision.

Adult women tend to have an average PD of 62mm and men around 64mm. Measurements between 58 and 68 are perfectly normal for adults, though.

Your pupillary distance isn’t always measured as a standard part of an eye examination, so your prescription may not contain this information. It is, however, a key factor when ordering glasses online and essential for making sure they are a perfect match for your optical needs.

Measuring your PD, made simple

If you don’t know your PD, there’s no need to make a trip to an optician. Just follow our step by step guide, below, and you’ll have your measurement in no time.

What you’ll need:

A mirror and a ruler (a transparent ruler works best).

Follow these steps and you’ll be good to go

Step 1

Stand approximately 20cm in front a mirror where you feel comfortable and have a full view of your face and head.

Step 2

Hold a ruler above your brow line and then close your right eye, aligning the ruler’s ‘0mm’ marker with the centre of your left pupil.

Step 3

Holding still and making sure the ruler doesn’t move, close your left eye and open your right.

Step 4

Look in the mirror and check the ruler measurement that sits directly above the centre of your right pupil – this is your PD.

Step 5

Make a note of your PD measurement and keep this information safe; we recommend attaching it to your prescription for future reference.

You’re now good to go!

Armed with your PD and prescription, you can now start the fun part of choosing from hundreds of pairs of great value frames and lenses with us at Low Cost Glasses.

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