For every £1 you spend, you earn 1 point and 1 point is equal to 10p. We’re not just rewarding based on the price of your frames, but on the total value of your order! So for example, if your frames are £50 and your lenses are £50, you’ll receive 100 points, which is the equivalent to £10 off your next purchase or even a free pair of £10 glasses!


You’ll see the reward points by each product. Once you’ve chosen your lenses and gone to the checkout, you’ll see the grand total of points that you’ll earn for your order. You will then need to create a Low Cost Glasses account so that we can keep your points safe for your next order.


Every time you refer a new customer to us, we’ll say thank you by adding 50 points to you account, that’s £5 for every person you refer to us!


All you need to do is make sure they use the link you give them when they place an order. Easy peasy. Log into ‘‘My Account‘ and share your unique referral link on social media or email. You can even send it as a text message or whatsapp! Please note that they must click your unique link, register an account and complete the purchase for the reward to connect to your account.


Use your well deserved points to pay for your new glasses.

There’s no expiry on your points so you can save them until you want to spend them.


You can check your points balance by logging into ‘My Account’.

When you add a product to your cart, you have the option to use your points towards the cost of the purchase. On the Cart Page you’ll see something similar to; Complete your order and earn 110 Points for a discount on a future purchase. Use 1,000 Points for a £100.00 discount on this order!

Click on ‘Apply Discount’ and the discount will be automatically applied to the cost, leaving the outstanding amount to be paid.


Simply head to your account and share the unique URL to start earning your points!


Do my points expire?

No, absolutely not. You can securely save your points in your account until you need them.

Do I need an account to collect points and refer friends & family?

Yes you do. Your points and referral link are saved in your account.

Can I refer more than one person?

Sure. For every customer you refer you get 50 points added to your account. It’s very important that they complete their purchase via your unique referral URL link that you can find in ‘My Account’.

My friend bought some glasses from you, do I get some points?

If you shared your unique referral link from ‘My Account‘, and they clicked it to complete their purchase then yes it will automatically grant you with 50 points. They MUST click the unique URL for you to be awarded with your 50 points.

Can I trade my points in for cash?

No sorry, points can only be claimed against a product on our website.

Can I use my points towards shipping?

No, points can only be used towards the prices of frames & lenses.

Can I use my points towards shipping?

No, points can only be used towards the prices of frames & lenses.

I can't remember my account details, can you transfer them to a new account?

No, points are not transferable. Please try and reset your account using the Lost Your Password function.