Adding that personal touch: The Power of Personalisation

Personalisation. A buzz word that has dominated the ‘What’s the next big thing?’ industry trends for some time now. And finally, 2020 looks set to be the year where customisation really makes its (own!) mark.

Here at the LCG Towers, we’ve flirted with the idea of personalising eyewear for a while in terms of new product development (watch this space!). But as a new player in a very competitive marketplace, our primary focus since our launch in June 2019, has been to let as many people in the UK know that we exist and to take great care of the customers who entrusted us to make their glasses.  And this is where our story really begins.

Happy Customers

We hope it sounds genuine when we say that our customers really make our world go round. Genuinely.  When it comes to something as important as your vision, we are so grateful that people have taken a chance on a brand new online retailer to create and provide a medical device that they rely on. With this in mind, we started to look at ways to show LCG customers our appreciation. It began with a little thank you note that doubled up as a bookmark, and then fun collectable pouches when we noticed the sizeable number of people returning to buy even more glasses in a short space of time!

The Brief

We wanted to work with a fellow British brand that was close to the (Love) heart of the nation. One that could provide a nice little touch that would make someone smile. Our search swiftly led us to the legendary Swizzels brand, Love Hearts and after one easy conversation, we quickly realised this idea ticked ALL the boxes. Who doesn’t enjoy a pack of Love Hearts? Not only are they iconic and well recognised, but we could personalise them with our logo and they fit perfectly into our delivery boxes without any increased costs to our postage.

The Results

The team at Swizzels pulled out all the stops to make sure our order arrived in time for the run up to Christmas, despite it being their busiest time of year and we’ve had such great feedback from our customer base. It has created a real ‘feel good’ vibe for anyone receiving a pair of LCG glasses and underlines that we care about attention to detail, which customers find reassuring when choosing who they will buy their glasses from.

What Swizzels Say

Finding innovative ways to enhance customer experience has become increasingly important in recent years. The internet has opened up a wealth of competition never previously experienced in any sector. So, attracting and, importantly, keeping your customer base is imperative for company growth.

Recently, Swizzels launched a retro sweet corporate customisation service. A cost-effective means to enhance brand awareness and reward customer loyalty, the service has been used by businesses of all sizes and all sectors. Low Cost Glasses is one of our most recent clients.

Working With Us

A digital start-up, Low Cost Glasses (LCG) is the mastermind of established optical specialists, with more than 23 years’ experience in the field. The company was founded as an alternative to expensive high street optical chains, providing high quality prescription glasses and optical expertise at a fraction of the usual cost. As a new and disruptive enterprise, LCG has been working on numerous new customer experiences and exciting disruptive marketing projects to secure their customer base. They contacted Swizzels as part of that process.

The Swizzels corporate offering

Swizzels offer three core corporate products. Branded Love Hearts rolls, giant personalised Love Hearts rolls and branded exhibition stand sweets. LCG had already produced its packaging by the time the marketing team contacted Swizzels. So, after due consideration, the company opted for the smaller branded Love Hearts rolls to send out with new glasses orders as a thank you to customers.

The company were drawn to Swizzels as an alternative to other promotional companies, because the team saw an immediate synergy between the two companies – namely they were both innovative, leaders in their respective fields, and constantly searching to develop new ideas.

ROI is one of the most significant considerations when it comes to marketing choices. LCG obviously understands the importance of the customer experience. But the team also know that every penny has to count in the early days of business. Starting at just £0.20 per roll (incl. VAT), Swizzels branded sweets provide an unusual and cost-effective means to drive brand awareness and enhance customer satisfaction.