Bench Glasses & Frames

Straight outta Manchester. You know the story. The menswear brand that started in the North West of England and then started doing bits around the world over. It’s classic, simple and chicly street. Now making waves across the pond in Canada, Bench is firmly cementing the Gallagher raincoat as an urban staple. Bench glasses, like the raincoat, exude all that the brand is about – they’re straight-edged, practical and effortlessly cool.

Now, let’s get down and dirty with the details. Bench is a great brand to choose if you’re after the barely-there frameless look. That “Am I wearing glasses or are my eyes just sparkling with intellect” kind of thing. And our collection of low-cost glasses is an edgy mix – emphasis on edges. We’ve got slick rectangular frames that are heavy, slim, half-rim, rimless, all the better for peering over. And all the better to turn the urban wear into urban red carpet chic-wear. (Is that a look?)

Let’s get even more granular. If you want to look smart with a glimmer or pizazz, this is the range for your perusal. We’ve got dark frames with deep purple arms, all black everything, burnt orange, slim gold half-rims, cobalt even slimmer rims, thick black frames and pink animal print arms – and each one with the classic Bench logo stamped into the design. If you’re a low-key kind of bespectacled character, Bench is just the designer you’ve been waiting for.

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