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Do you know how they say less is more? Never was a truer word spoken. An Italian brand that’s over 50 years old, Benetton is now famous for its simple but bold colours for every season and wide range of off-the-rack designs. Benetton also made a name for itself with its provocative fashion campaigns that highlighted issues like the AIDS crisis, abortion laws and racial inequality, earning it a place in the Guinness World Records for the most controversial campaign ever. We know what you’re all thinking – yikes, that’s a lot for a pair of glasses to embody! Luckily, our low-cost range isn’t nearly as complex.

In fact, as we said, it’s more of a minimalist collection. There are two pairs to be precise, but the best things come in small packages, right? First, we have the black pair. A thick frame for all of you monochrome lovers, an opportunity to stand out, but to do so under cover of framed darkness. They’re also nose pad-free – to avoid the bespectacled imprint – sturdy and wide to help you nail the sultry geek chic finish.

Next up, we have the tortoiseshell. A dark, thick and wide frame again but this time with brilliant flashes of lighter brown for a warmer finish. We’re talking soft edges, elevated rectangles and United Colours of Benetton subtly embossed across the arm. Our Benetton range is well-made, reliable and intellect-chic with only a hint of controversy. Get any pair for less than £100 – no one can argue with that.

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£60.00 £20.00 inc. VAT

*Includes Lenses

£60.00 £20.00 inc. VAT

*Includes Lenses