Our Glasses Brands

Welcome to the Low Cost Glasses brand page! Now, we know exactly why you’re here. You need a pair of sickeningly suave specs to make your pals go, “Woah, they cost you how much?”. And that’s exactly what we can do for you. Trust us, we’ve got all the brands you that should care about.

Are you going for big, dramatic frames? We’ve got them. How about the geek chic, tortoiseshell with a brow bar? Guilty! We’ve got those too. How about low-key slim frames in all your monochrome favourites? Yes, you guessed it. We’ve got a stack of them! OK, those were too easy. How about – wait for it – Kookai? (If you’ve not heard of Kookai, just think of anyone clad in 50 shades of khaki that was big in the early noughties and you’ve pretty much nailed the aesthetic.) No surprise there, we have Kookai frames and all for less than £30!

But it’s not all about Kookai (as much as we wish that it could be). We’ve got Morgan, Bench, Elite, Party Eyes (ooh!), Sacred, more. Don’t take our word for it. Why don’t you get scrolling and you can see for yourself!

OK, just a few more snippets of what we have. Take a deep breath: in over 500 styles, we’ve got thick frames, frameless, half rims, crystal frames, reds, burgundy (like a fine wine), cool blue, bright blue, greens, browns, monochrome, tortoiseshell, hot pink, warm pink, dusty pink, matte, glossy, metallic. Anything we’ve missed off the list? Oh yes, and they’re miraculously low cost for absolute finesse.

Enough said. Let’s get scrolling.

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