Baseline Glasses & Frames

Out in the street, they call it – BASELINE. If you don’t know that rather niche song reference, it’s worth getting to know. It will serve as a dramatic backdrop to you scrolling through our funky Baseline frames. And if it’s dramatic that you’re looking for, this is a collection that’s worth your time. Far from a baseline style, these frames are full of surprises. We’re talking the kind of versatility that would let you stand out in a library or look studious at a rave. Made for any face, complexion or aesthetic, you’re sure to find a frame that’s exactly what you were looking for. And here we were thinking that ambre was exclusively for getting your hair did or for a beach-side cocktail. But no. There’s a pair of deep red to pale pink ambre frames. A colour-transitioning triumph! Did you ever think you’d see the day?

Anyway, let’s get down to it. By way of colours, we’ve not only got all of the big names (you know, your monochromes, your golds, your silvers, your pinks, your purples, your blues and greens, yellows, crystal – you know the drill), but this collection is all about being that little bit more unique.

Are you into patterns? We should certainly hope so. From tortoiseshell to the aforementioned ambre to translucent colours to your standard mattes and metallics. Seriously, if you’ve not started scrolling yet, we’re not sure what you’re about (although many thanks for reading to the end of this description).

Grab yourself some frames while the stylistic iron is hot!

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