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Question. What’s got six arms, is super stylish and can help you see better? The answer is, of course, a pair of spectacles from the latest iChoose collection.

While most glasses come with just one pair of arms, these game-changers come with no less than three. Which means you can switch up your spectacles to suit your mood. Or your wardrobe. Or the weather. With iChoose, the choice is, quite literally, yours.

Yes, you can buy multiple pairs of glasses; one for work, one for weekends and one for Funday-Fridays. But why bother, when you can get three-in-one? The iChoose collection has something for everyone with men’s, women’s and unisex specs.

First, find the iChoose frames that fit your face. You can use our virtual changing room for that. There are round and rectangular, thick rims and thin, and lenses of all sizes. There’s also a choice of colours: classic black, brown, blue, red, purple, transparent and tortoiseshell.

Now, let’s talk about (swoon over) those iChoose interchangeable arms. They come in an array of colours including forest green, ocean blue, molten red, classic black, candyfloss pink, canary yellow and clementine orange. There’s also patterns aplenty with pinstripe, polka dot, marble, mosaic, criss-cross and camouflage. You know you’re in for a treat when they have names like Hot-Pink Zebra, Burnt Acacia Wood and Smoked Salmon Tartan.

With iChoose, you get choice. You get flexibility. You get to be geek-chic-gorgeous one day and dotty about spots the next. It’s a good job you get three pairs; having to pick just one would be impossible.

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