Nike Glasses

If you always take the stairs and do burpees while the kettle boils, you are in for a seriously stylish treat. The world-leading sports fashion brand, Nike, has just landed its latest eyewear collection and we think you’re going to like it.

With a reputation for unparalleled performance and innovation in design, Nike writes its own fashion rules. Founded in the swinging 60s, this household name has been jumping ever since. And it encourages everyone else to do the same. But, unless you live, work and sleep at the gym, you’re going to need your glasses to look good in other places too. Fear not my friend, this collection has got you covered.

Whether you want super smart semi-rimless metal or full-on geeked-out rectangular frames, this extensive range of statement specs is sophisticated and stylish with a sporty edge. The mix of men’s and unisex designs means there is, quite literally, something for everyone. And the awesome colourways keep them bang on trend with sport-chic appeal. There is, of course, your classic black, brown and tortoiseshell, but there’s also pillar box red, lime green, electric blue and neon yellow. We said they’re sophisticated; we never said they’re subtle.

And, because this is Nike we’re talking about, these glasses don’t just look good, they perform like a pro too. Lightweight and durable, they’re all about a quality fit for everyday comfort, whether you’re rocking an office suit or a tracksuit.

So, when it comes to buying your next pair of glasses, don’t just do it. Think about it. Take a moment to consider your optical options. And while you’re doing that, drop and give me twenty.

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