Pink Ribbon Glasses & Frames

Now, here’s a good cause for you. Pink Ribbon Foundation have collaborated with Anthea Turner to launch a range of glasses for women of all ages. Pink Ribbon supports breast cancer charities to raise awareness about the illness and those affected by it. Charities can apply for Pink Ribbon grants to help them with the work they do and the brand has been affiliated with numerous high profile sponsors. It’s safe to say that this is a worthwhile, meaningful brand to be involved with.

And it’s an added bonus that their eyewear is as quality as the cause it supports. Pink Ribbon glasses are certainly accessories that will make you feel good about yourself. They’re all about the nuanced shape. From wide frames to slender frames to half-rims and more, our low-cost Pink Ribbon range is a fabulous collection to combine intellect with pizazz. Not only is there a world of choice, they’re great to suit a plethora of face shapes and styles. In terms of shapes, we’re talking hard squares, soft squares, rectangles narrow or wide, ovals, that Mad Men 50s half-rim, cat-eyed edges, straight edges, the absolute works for sure!

Ready to talk colours? Hold on tight. We’ve got transparents (but with colourspinks, blues, greys and more), popping purple, sultry and chic monochrome, tortoiseshell, jazzy tortoiseshell, patterned edges, glossy, matte, ombres, two-tones. We’ve got it all! Don’t miss out on these low-cost Pink Ribbon glasses. Think pink, think power.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.