Urbn West Glasses & Frames

Show of hands, who loves it when brands name their products with human names? If you don’t know what we mean, you will in but a few moments. Why buy a pair of glasses when you could get a pair called Ronnie? Urbn West knows exactly what we’re talking about – and their collection of low cost frames is not just a treat for the aesthetics but for the funny bone as well.

So instead of telling you about the bijillion colours available in this selection of 97 frames or the plethora of shapes to make your face look dashing, we’ll sell you the dream of having a pair of glasses with a human name.

OK, fine. We’ll tell you about the colours and shapes first, but very quickly. But we’re introducing them cordially by name too. Cat-eyed frames called Lola, straight-edged rectangles called Homer, narrow thick frames called Alexis, barely-there rims called Merlot (seriously, what else could they be called?), quirky purples called Suzanna, edgy round frames called Rex, brow bar aviators called Ronnie (you remember Ronnie – we mentioned him earlier), half-rims called Dragonfly (edgy, right?), and these are just a few of the Urbn West family!

When it comes to the colours, you’ve got Drimmel, the gold geezer, dark and sultry Raven, intellectual crystal called Allele, pretty in pink Pippa, Nate with the cool tortoiseshell, Oyster the two-tone kween, Ember in burnt orange or studious navy. Surely this is a collection you want to get to know better?

If that’s not convinced you – which, if that’s the case, you’re a tough crowd indeed – every pair is less than £40. A bargain and a branded banger. Go on. Have a scroll.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.