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Hey there. Welcome to the colour collection of Low Cost Glasses. Suffice to say, we’ve been waiting for you to get here – and you’re right on time! But quick, we’ve got over 1000 frames to look at so we’ve got to get cracking. Ready to see the colours that we have on offer? Of course you are. You’re practically bursting to get through the checkout with a selection of specs at tantalisingly low costs.

Let’s start with the brights – the ones for those looking for a statement pair. We’ve got cherry reds, crystal reds, burgundys, mahoganys, deep and sultry wine reds, then we’ve got dusty purples, popping purples, bright violet and alluring mauve, sunshine yellow and fiery amber, speckled tortoiseshell, coloured tortoiseshell, candy stripes, polka dots, mottled colours (in case you’re not sure, that means artistic splodges), marbled finishes. Then let’s not forget the sultry monochromesblack, white, grey, two-tones, neutral crystals. More! The whole works.

Then did we mention that we offer all this and more in a plethora of brands and high end designers? Oh, which ones, you ask? Fendi, Guess, Jimmy Choo, Dunlop. Marc Jacobs, Kookai (remember that?), Emporio Armani, Alexander McQueen, Morgan, Timberland, Kangol, Tokyo Tom, Versace, Vera Wang, Yves Saint Laurent. We’ve got it all! Specs for men, specs for women, specs for anyone who so cares to look devastatingly good.

Go on. Get scrolling. The time has come for you to find the bargain frames that your face has been waiting its whole life to meet.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.