Blue Glasses

Did you know that there’s a phrase in French when you gasp that’s “Oh, the blue!”? Well, all we can say is that it’s obviously a reflection on our stellar collection of blue Low Cost Glasses. Yeah, we said it. And we know it’s bold but why tiptoe around these things, ey?

We’ll explain why we think it and then you can decide for yourself, how about that? Our Blue glasses are a veritable ocean-wide selection of shades. We’re not talking just your standard royal blues and navy. We’ve got electric blues, powder blues, two tone blue and blacks, blue inside rims and contrasting outside frames, we’ve got ocean blue tortoiseshell, cobalt blue, the sombre navy that we all know and love. And that’s in a selection of plastic fantastic, titanium and metallic – and some are a mix of more than one!

Oh yeah, and did we mention the frame shapes? We’re talking slender frames that are so classic, you might shed a tear of joy when you see them; we’ve got thick full rims in bright and dark blues; we’ve got aviators to make the crowds swoon; edgy brow-bars, wide rectangles, narrow rectangles, patten inserts, heavy round specs, cat eyes, semi-rimless 50s chic. We’ve got something for everyone!

And finally, the brands and designers. Sweet mother of pearl it’s all you could ask for – Dunlop, Kangol, Kookai (remember Kookai, folks?), Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Timberland. And that’s just a glimmer of what we have on offer. Ready to see it for yourself? We’ll see you there, friend.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.