Gold Glasses

All that glitters is gold, right? Well, did you know that some gold that glitters is also a tantalisingly low cost? True story.

Shall we go into detail about what we mean? Yes, it’s probably a good idea because we’re at the risk of making not that much sense. Eek! Anywho, our Low Cost Glasses gold glasses are a sight to behold. Even Kind Midas would be envious, we’re completely certain. Our collection is a celebration of the slender frame spec. They’re literally so slim and gorgeous that your adoring admirers might shed tears when they get a glimpse of you showcasing your golden frames. In metallic and titanium, things don’t get more antique looking. Fact.

Let’s discuss the shapes that we’ve got on offer. We’ve got small, delicate ovals frames, rimless, barely-there specs to show off that 90s A-lister chic, narrow rectangles, wider rectangles – for the 70s finesse, cat eye rims with leopard print edges, pentagrams, octagons – we’re literally just missing the illustrious parallelogram! (Except no one wants parallelogram-shaped glasses.)

Then the colours – obviously, we’ve got gold, but these specs are so much more than that. How about gold and peach, gold and regular leopard print, gold and coloured leopard print, gold and mink, gold and black. It’s a triumph, to be fair. Finally, the designers: get jiggy with it in Jimmy Choo, be vivacious in Vera Wang, go wild in Urbn West, be lively in Yves Saint Laurent, get ferocious in Fendi, go on a mad one in Alexander McQueen. Phew! That kind of wordplay can make you hungry – hungry for crystal frame bargains that is!

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.