Green Glasses

Did someone say green with envy? Well if you didn’t before, you certainly will once you get your peepers over our green Low Cost Glasses. And did you know that there’s very much more than one shade of green?

Oh yes. We’re not talking your standard grass green. How about recycled bottle green (niche, we know), lime green, mojito mint green, summer-ready turquoise, 90s khaki, light crystal green, stripy light and dark green – the works! And that’s in metallic, titanium, glorious plastic fantastic. Also did we mention that they come in gorgeous and glossy, mad-cool (yes, it’s an adjective) in matte and chic crystal?

Let’s talk shapes. We have narrow frames, barely-there rimless specs (you know, for that A-lister off the red carpet look), big crystal rectangles, narrow rectangles with heavy rims (all the better for perring with), wide squares, cate eye rectangles – and each in a deeper, darker, more mysterious shade of green.

Finally, it’s best that we discuss the designers and brands that could be part of your life. You’re but a few scrolls and clicks away from it being your reality. Keep them guessing in Guess, wangle attention in Vera Wang, tantalising in Timberland, lively in Yves Saint Laurent, marvellous in Alexander McQueen, glorious in Gant, down and dirty in Dunlop. We could go on! But it’s better to keep the crowd guessing, right?

So here we are. We’re just a discount glasses retailer, standing in front of a (we hope keen) customer, asking them to get scrolling for eye-wateringly good bargains. We’ll see you at the checkout.

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