Grey Glasses

Grey and gloomy or grey and glitzy? That’s the question we should all be asking ourselves. To be fair, there is merit to either choice. If you choose one of our grey selection of Low Cost Glasses for the sake of emitting airs of doom and gloom, you can be confident in the drama of what we have on offer. We’ve got wide, statement pairs in a plethora of shades. Dare we even say 50 shades of grey? Or you could go slender and dreary (but in a sultry way) with our metallic or titanium frames.

But if glitzy is your thing, you’d better know that we can deliver. We’ve got glossy, frosty, matte, thick frames, slim antique frames – the works.

OK, shall we really go down and dirty with the details? You gotcha! We’re talking all the big names. Devilish in Dunlop, “cor blimey you look good”, in Michael Kors, marvellous in Marc Jacobs, elite in Elite, exquisite in Emporio Armani. You know the drill.

And then let’s discuss the shapes we have on offer. Whatever your face shape and whatever your shade of grey, we’ve got something that’s the perfect complement. We’re talking wide, heavy square frames in a super-cool mottle, slender brow bars for the sleek office chic finesse, rimless nifters with glossy grey arms, oval frames with cat eye edges, dramatic rectangles to show that you’re here to boss it. It’s a cornucopia of a selection! And all for less than £100, you’ll be laughing your whole way through the checkout. So go on. Choose between grey and gloomy or grey and glitzy and get some specs to change your life.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.