Purple Glasses

What do you think of when you think the colour purple? Is it the sweet sweet dreams of creamy milk chocolate? Is it the key changes and drama of purple rain? Is it the divine royalty and opulence of emperors far and wide? Well, friend. Take a seat. We’ve got all of that and more all rolled up into a perfect spectacle-shaped package. OK, we’re talking about glasses.

And do you want to hear more? Of course you do. Our Low Cost Glasses purple collection brings together over 100 pairs of specs in a plethora of shades and shapes. Let’s start with the latter.

We’ve got heavy, narrow rectangles that are perfect for peering over (because why else would you want glasses?), or wide rectangles for the modern finesse, or super-wide squares to command the attention of any space you walk through, or cat eyes in two-tone, understated ovals, large and in charge ovals, slender frames, barely-there and rimless, semi-rimless with a heavy top frame, semi-rimless with a slim top frame. The absolute works!

And there’s so much more to purple that warmth and royal finesse. We’re talking brow bars with tortoiseshell, patterned edges, cut-out edges, two-tone crystal and glossy purple, pinky purple, mauve, violet, fiery flecks, dusty purple, lilac. More! But you don’t want to read a list of colours and shapes. Who has time for this?

Get yourself scrolling straight away. You’ll ne’er find a bargain so handsome as what we have on offer in a collection of hot shot brands and designers. And that’s a fact.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.