Silver Frames

You’re into the finer things in life. Plastic fantastic? No thank you. Not unless it’s tinged with the illustrious shade of silver. If you could, you would have your life (yes, life) covered in the stuff. Silver Surfer, eat your heart out. So when it comes to Low Cost Glasses, there’s really only one filter you’re interested in. And, friend, we’re pleased to have you here.

Ready to see our collection? Oh course you are. Let’s start with the shapes in which you could decorate your gorgeous visage with silver. We’ve got full frames in slender rims, semi-rimless frames in slender or thicker rims, or the barely-there rimless look. You know, the specs that A-listers wear on a dress-down red carpet. And that’s just the type of frame! How about slim ovals, wide ovals, the Harry Potter, boy who lived round specs aesthetic, the wide rectangle, the narrow rectangle (for peering over), aviators, brow bars, a plethora!

Then let’s go for the designers. Heard of Marc Jacobs? We sure have. What about daring in Dunlop, kooky in Kookai, gorgeous in Guess, fabulous in Fendi, courageous in Jimmy Choo (ok, that was a weird choice of words), elite in Elite? You know the story.

And then the colour – oh yeah, it’s silver, baby. And at these bloomin’ marvellous prices – all less than £100, some as low as £5 – you’ll be laughing all the way to the designer who’ll be dousing your life in silver. A left-field ending? Potentially, but we’re here for it.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.