Tortoise Glasses

Slow and steady wins the race, right? Well not in the context of our Low Cost Glasses tortoiseshell collection. Oh no – these babies wait behind for no hares, folks or general fashionistas. They know they’re the talk of the town; the heights of intellectual finesse; the everything that you need in your life. Know what we’re talking about?

If you don’t, you will once you get your peepers over what we’ve got here. Our selection of more than 100 pairs of specs does not disappoint, let us tell you that right now. We’ve got designers and brands to make you swoon. Think the effortless cool of Kangol, the practical finesse of Dunlop, the shazam of Party Eyes, the allure of Guess, the cornucopia of Carrera, the loveliness of Yves Saint Laurent. And the list goes on!

But wait, you’re not here for the name dropping alone. You’re so much more than all of that. You’re here for the bold and thick statement pair in sunshine-bursting yellow, or for the slender intellect look in wide, rectangular frames. You’re here for the wide, thick rectangles in a dark, brooding shade, or the quirky brow bars in classic brown tortoiseshell. How about the narrow rectangles that you can peer over or the big, round, ironic pair that make you look somewhere between James Dean, A Fish Called Wanda and Harry Potter – oh yeah, we know that one is niche.

Shall we finally discuss the colours that we have at your disposal? Brown and beige? We think not, friend. We’ve got popping purples, shocking yellows, fiery ambers, moss greens, passionate reds, dusty pinks, two-tones, three-tones, a world of tones and shades and patterns. It’s the way forward and you know it. Go on. Have a little scroll. You know you’re ready for it.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.