White Glasses

Ready to look somewhere between angelic, fashion-forward and deeply ironic? Then you’re in the right place. Our Low Cost Glasses selection of white frames is exactly the way to nail that niche aesthetic. It’s the quintessential new wave business founder look – the kind of, “I’m really driven and ambitious but I also want to work somewhere with an office sausage dog.” Come on. You know EXACTLY the sort of finesse we’re harking to here.

On the off chance that you don’t, we’ll cut the preamble here and get straight into the gritty details. We’ve got everything from the Cruella de Ville look to the crystal frame Steve Jobs aesthetic. We’re talking fierce in Fendi, marvellous in Michael Kors, wangled in Vera Wang, outrageously good in Oxydo, truly delightful in Timberland, devlish in Dior, killing it in Kangol, bossing it in Hugo Boss – and more.

What do we mean by more? Well, we mean the shapes of course. Wide, thick rectangular frames, harsh (but gorgeous) narrow rectangles (that are just spectacular for peering over), round slender frames with snow-white arms, square frames, oval frames in slender or thick. We’ve got rimless with white arms (ooh, delightful!), semi-rimless in two-tone, full, fat frames. The works!

And finally the price. My oh my, if you weren’t convinced before, you certainly will be now. Look fun and fab and brooding and alluring all in one for less than 100 smackeroons! Well, you’ll be a fool not to run and grab the opportunity to look this good right away. Shall we meet you at the checkout? Yes, we better had.

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