Alexander McQueen Glasses

Alexander McQueen – the man, the legend, the theatrics. His career began with the tailors on Saville Row, moved to the costume extravagance of Angels and Bermans and then, of course, he dominated the runways. Very provocatively British, the late Lewisham-born McQueen helped to define two decades of national style, dressing the fashion royals, the music royals, the actual royals: from Kate Moss to Kate Middleton, from Bowie to Bjork. And Alexander McQueen glasses are a glorious cocktail of all of the above. Remember the grunge of the 90s, the boldness of the noughties, the suave, the angles, the romantic and sultry palettes. Remember no more – his eyewear could be yours, and all for wonderfully low costs!

So, let’s talk frames. No matter the aesthetic you subscribe to, McQueen has you covered with shapes and colours so timeless, you’ll be hoarding them for decades to come. Our collection includes razor-sharp darks, dual-coloured frames, standout golds, subtle earthy shades – a plethora of colours to bring out all complexions. And they’re all that little bit bold. Tortoise-shell with a coral edge, black and white halves, a cobalt blue sheen, marbled arms, whatever you desire!

And our McQueen is all about the shapes. Round, rounder, oval, almost horn-rimmed, heavy-rimmed, very slender rimmed, dramatic edges, soft edges. As he said himself, people don’t want to see clothes, they want to see something that fuels the imagination. There’s no greater instrument for a world of imagination than being able to see what you’re doing.

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