Calvin Klein Glasses

We know this designer needs no introduction. Fresh from the fashion scene in 1960s New York to his gorgeous leathers to the haute couture collections to Vogue to the ironic sportswear that we sport today so enviably. Well, we’ll say it once and once only. Welcome to our Calvin Klein Low Cost Glasses collection of specs.

Without further ado, we’re going through everything that we have to offer. In almost 100 pairs of glasses, we’ve got frames from as little as £50. What a bargain! And we’re talking all the colours of the rainbow. Think blue ambres, tortoiseshell with sky blue inner rims, tortoiseshell with purple inner rims, tiger print, mocha, sultry black, two tone in varying patterns, violet, mauve, ravishing red, powder pink, lime green, grass green, silver, gold, bronze – it’s a Willy Wonka’s worth of fabulous!

And that’s not even mentioning the shapes that we have for you. Whether you’re into narrower than narrow ovals – that are perfect for peering over – or wide, full frame statement specs, we’ve got that and all that’s in between. From semi-rimless specs for vintage finesse to rimless, barely there specs that give you the “are they or aren’t they wearing anything at all” allure that you know you deserve. Maybe you’re into cat eyes, or brow bars or aviators or round specs. Whatever the aesthetic you’re aspiring to meet, we can help you get there with a fancy pair of Calvin Klein glasses. Fact.

So, are you ready to get scrolling? Get yourself into the virtual try on. Pronto.

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