Carrera Glasses

Founded by a man called Wilhelm Anger, you know that you’re in for some kind of drama. Wilhelm was inspired by the high-risk, border-to-border high-end car race, Carrera Panamericana, and from here stemmed his first range of sports eyewear, sunglasses and then glasses collections. And just like the sports cars on which they are based, our Carerra glasses do not disappoint. Each pair is bursting with energy, colour and unparalleled quirk. No two pairs are the same – and why should they be? No one named Wilhelm Anger could be destined for life as a wallflower, could they? And nor is his designer eyewear.

Speaking of, let’s talk lenses. Every pair is less than £110. Looking fabulous has never come at such reasonable prices! We’ve got wide frames, narrow frames, thick frames, slender frames, barely-there frames, half rims too. Then we’re talking soft rectangles, serious peering over at ya rectangles, ovals, grandad-style aviators, almost squares, almost circles, exactly the kinds of shapes you would expect from a motor vehicle-inspired collection.

Now for the colours, be bold and bright with sandy yellow tortoiseshell (is that the longest colour description ever written?). Go sleek with monochromes, go cobalt blue, go slender and silver, go minimal stripes, go moody moss green if you must! Go gold, go mesmerising metallic – who knew that Carerra eyewear could provide so many alliteration opportunities? Check out our fabulously low-cost collection for men and you too could exude the drama of Mr Wilhelm Anger.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.