Dior Glasses

Did someone say Dior? Ooh la la, we did indeed. French-born Christian Dior remains one of the most famous and coveted designers of all time. And, judging his eyewear collection, it’s easy to see why. Beginning his career in the Paris fashion houses in the mid-1920s, he was eventually offered the chance to head up the illustrious fashion house, Philippe et Gaston by the ‘King of Cotton’ himself, Marcel Boussac. But Dior knew that his destiny was greater. He launched his own eponymous brand in 1947 – and of course, the rest is history.

Dior made a splash in the industry with his New Look, introducing new shapes and silhouettes to women’s clothing. Although these were initially met with backlash from some female designers, he soon revolutionised the post-war world of fashion. Today, Christian Dior is a household name in haute couture around the world – from runways to red carpets, and now, to your visage. What a journey!

Let’s talk frames. Our low-cost collection is bold and brilliant, stylish and fierce. It’s a range of slim-framed marvels! We’re talking bronze, black and sultry maroon, some half-rim frames to give you that Mad Men chic finish. Nose pads and delicate, branded arms too. Ovals, rectangles, romantically soft edges. In his own words, “Chance always comes to the aid of those who really want something.” Bring some of that fortuitousness to your face. Get perusing our Dior frames now!

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