Dunlop Glasses

From robust beginnings in the late 1800s, Dunlop first emerged with the manufacture of rubber golf balls from their factory in Birmingham. In the 1920s, Dunlop Rubber launched Dunlop Sports. And from there, they branched out from golf balls to tennis balls, from Birmingham to Essex. Today, Dunlop is a household name among professional athletes (and dads in tennis trainers) all over the world.

But you’re not here to talk tennis trainers and rubber. We’re talking eyewear! So, here we go. Our low-cost Dunlop collection is vast. With over 120 pairs of glasses, you won’t be strapped for choice. We’re talking rectangles, squares, ovals, aviators, Harry Potter circles, James Dean circles, hard edges, soft edges, full rims, half-rims, rimless, thick frames, slim frames, any type of frame you could possibly imagine! (Within reason.) Whatever the occasion and whatever the look you’re aspiring to nail, Dunlop has a pair that’s ready and waiting for you.

Now, onto the colours. Is it tortoiseshell that you’re after? How about a marbled sky blue or a black and burnt orange ombre? It’s just as well – Dunlop has it all. They’ve got monochrome, gold, silver, white, brown, purple, grey, green, for Pete’s sake! Whether you’re a delicate wallflower or a vivacious Vivienne, you’d be surprised how “you” our Dunlop collection is. And, every pair is less than £170. It’s nothing less than a miracle!

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.