Emporio Armani Glasses

Italian-born Giorgio Armani is a firm staple of luxury fashion. Famous his democratising principles of producing high-end ready-to-wear marvels, for being the first designer to tackle the growing issue of too-skinny models, and for banning the use of real fur in his fashion houses, Giorgio represents more than just fashion. The man is a vibe. He’s dressed icons from David Beckham to Ronaldo to Rafael Nadal; Victoria Beckham to Megan Fox to Rihanna. Jeans to perfumes, tailored suits to fabulous eyewear. Under his name, Giorgio has a plethora of brands, and they are all glamorously and wonderfully him.

So, let’s talk low-cost glasses. Our collection is a beautiful explosion of fabulous nuance. What the heck does that mean, you ask? On first glance, the shapes may seem similar but, in fact, they are all ever so slightly tailored to each and every face shape.

If you’re into wide frames, Armani is for you. We’ve got even squares, drooped squares, cat-eyed squares, rectangles, rectangular ovals, almost circles, narrower rectangles, the works! In terms of colours, our Emporio Armani frames are the palette that your face has been long awaiting. Sultry brown, emerald green, tawny tortoise, matte black, shiny black, icy clear, frosty white, reds, burnt orange, maroons, popping purple, marbled fuchsia, sensible grey, the whole darned rainbow of shades! And, here’s the icing on top, they’re all under £210. What an absolute love story.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.