Escada Glasses

The great Escada – a Munich headquartered, German founded luxury womenswear brand that today graces the streets of Milan, Tokyo, NYC, Beverly Hills, London, Paris and more! Known for its fierce angles, red hot colour collections and classic accessories, our Escada eyewear is, as you might imagine, a picture of pure, unadulterated glamour. You can be red carpet ready in the simple flick of your glasses case. And all for under £150!

So, let’s get into it. The shapes range from radiant to regal levels of sophistication, of course, dependent on your mood and wardrobe pairings. We’ve got those soft-edged rectangles that give you an instant sprinkle of ‘chic intellect’. We’ve got the half-rimmed, slim framed Mad Men vibe. We’ve got wide frames, we’ve got slender frames, we’ve got wide circles, we’ve got narrow rectangles. Whatever your face shape and whatever your style, Escada glasses fill fit like a dream.

Did we hear you say colours? We have them in abundance. We’re talking purples, tiger-stripe orange, deep maroon, bright like mustard, black with white arms, the failsafe tortoiseshell, cream and gleaming, burnt rouge (is this even a colour?), pinks, silvers, grey. The perfect tool for you to, in the words of Escada, “discover everyday elegance”. And in the words of us, do it at affordable prices. Escada is a great collection to choose if you’re looking to low-key slay. Classic shapes, popping colours – they’re frames that you can make your own.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.