Faberge Glasses

House of Fabergé is infamous for its elaborate gold jewellery and, still in production today, it is coveted the world over. The brand first hatched (ba-bum) in 19th century Russia, founded by Gustav Faberge. Gustav was a maker of fine gold boxes and jewellery for the illustrious Russian royals. The business was eventually taken over by Gustav’s son, Carl, and this is where the eggs come in. So much did the royals like their trinkets made by Carl that they commissioned him to create 50 bespoke imperial Easter eggs. Too much, you ask? Why, absolutely not. The ornateness only adds to the exclusivity and glamour of the products that House of Fabergé produced. That brings us neatly onto the glasses.

Whereas the Fabergé eggs might be a little out of price range, our collection of vintage-shape Fabergé frames are truly one of a kind. And each pair is under £150 too! Ironically, our range champions the principle that less is more as each frame is slender and crafted in delicate gold to add a touch of glamour to your awaiting visage. Each also has nose pads, making them a perfect shape for peering over, which, after all, is what glasses are all about, right?

In shapes, we have rectangles and ovals – but that’s not all. The devil is in the detail. Take a closer look and find piqued gold corners, ivory arms and the understated Fabergé stamp. Faberge is about more than eyewear. Have a peruse through to find out what’s cracking.

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