Fendi Glasses

Furs, leathers, and the fabulously bespectacled Karl Lagerfeld? It can only be Fendi. But it all began many years before Karl. The roaring 20s to be precise, and it was a family affair. The brand was launched as a leather goods and fur workshop, run by husband and wife, Adele and Eduardo. More than 7 years later, Fendi was responsible for designing the most popular bag in the world, the first-ever ‘It’ bag, The Fendi Baguette. No, not a paul Hollywood loaf. The baguette is small, stylish and, coincidentally, the perfect size for a pair of low-cost Fendi specs.

It seems only right that for a brand now run by two people who famously don their dark, sultry shades whether inside, outside, rain or shine has a fierce selection of frames to choose from. And, worry not, our range does not disappoint.

Let’s start with shapes. Almost as iconic as the Baguette itself, we have an extensive collection – from wide to narrow to even narrower still; from frames to frameless to half-rim to thick frames to slender corners to bold edges to cat-eyed edges to edges you never knew could look so marvellous! Fendi is a brand where experimenting is a must until you eventually land the frame that’s the baguette of eyewear. (What a strange sentence.)

Next, onto colours. We’ve got a rainbow of selection. No matter your complexion and no matter your colour wheel preference, we’ve got shades to throw shade on the rest of the market. We’re talking matte, glossy, glossier, pinks, purples, tortoiseshell, two-tone, gold, silver, red, monochrome, brown. There’s just too much to choose from! Lucky all the Fendi Frames are less than £210 really, isnt it?

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