Ferre Glasses

The former Stylistic Director at Dior, Gianfranco Ferré is known for creating crisp, sophisticated looks for the runway and ready-to-wear collections. Perhaps most remembered for turning the simple white shirt into coveted couture, Gianfranco Ferré was a household name in women’s and men’s clothing around all corners of the globe.

Born in Italy in 1944, Gianfranco studied Architecture at university in Milan. This influence feels emblazoned into his elegant but deceivingly sophisticated shapes and silhouettes. His fashion career began in 1970 where he worked as a raincoat designer before launching his own label. He’s designed couture, he’s done off-the-rack, he’s done menswear, womenswear, rainwear and even flight attendant uniforms! His versatility oozes from his designs and his love for simple, classic shapes is none so clear as in his eyewear.

Our Ferré collection is simple and minimalist. Glasses that mould to your every look. They’re that low-key wide frame but with slender edges to help you nail an understated style. A perfect tool to wear glasses on the sly. They’re professional, a classic dark finish and all with nose pads for added stability and comfort. Ferré is a great choice for work glasses; that ‘mid-meeting up the ante by peering over your lenses to look smart’ glasses (that’s a look for sure); for the classic mysterious but intriguing vibe! And they’re all under £100. Low-cost, low-key and suave to the max.

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