Gant Glasses

From sewing white shirt collars to becoming a global brand, it’s safe to say that Gant founder Bernard Gantmacher launched from humble beginnings. It all began in 1914 when Bernard relocated to New York, one of many immigrants from Ukraine. He met his wife, a button and buttonhole specialist working for the same company, and the rest is history! (There’s actually a lot more to this story – they moved to Connecticut, Bernard served in the military – this only is the abridged version of events.)

Based on the simple principle of ‘Never stop learning’, Gant became known in the 1950s for the oxford colour explosion. Gant believed that men’s shirts, contrary to popular belief, could be more than just white and crisp. He began producing shirts in progressively more unusual fabrics and with bolder colours such as candy stripe, tartan, checks and more. And this leads us neatly into where we’re at today with their bold and brilliant collection of glasses.

Our low-cost collection is an exploration of shape and colour. We’ve got narrow rectangles (that are perfect for peering over), rounded rectangles for the more sensible spectacles wearer, cat-eyes rectangles, squares, rounded squares, circles, the works! And this is all in thick frames, slender framed, half-rimmed frames, rimless. However you wish for your face to be silhouetted by glasses, Gant has the frame for you.

Now onto the colours. Like the oxford colour explosion, our Gant glasses do not disappoint. We’ve got your classy blacks and greys, a multitude of tortoiseshell, two-toned marvels, reds, clear, sand, gold. Everything you could so desire! And every frame is less than £100. You GANT argue with that.

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Limited Time Offer, Excludes Michael Kors, T&C’s Apply.