Givenchy Glasses

At large since the 1950s, fabulous French designer Hubert de Givenchy made his name from floaty skirts, flouncy blouses and raw cotton. The Bettina Blouse was one such item that earned him acclaim from Vogue and firmly cemented his place on the fashion circuit. Givenchy is a true fashion giant with muses (yes, muses), the Sack Dress and celebrated collaborations with Balenciaga. (If you’re not familiar with Balenciaga, we recommend searching Balenciaga + IKEA bag – it won’t disappoint.) Since leaving the brand, Givenchy has been helmed by fashion moguls Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Julien MacDonald and more. Its haute couture roots seep into everything that they produce, and their eyewear is no stranger to this trend.

So, let’s get down with the details. Our low-cost collection is not only all less than £150 (a tidy price for haute couture, we’d say), it’s also a diverse spread of shapes, colours and lewks. As Hubert said himself, the dress must follow the body of a woman, not the other way round. And this mantra must be taken with his eyewear. Each shape is subtle but unique, characterful but it won’t take the attention from your face. Be in partnership with your glasses – yes, you read right – not fighting for attention.

We’ve got ever-so-slightly cat-eyed rims, straight rims, ovals, soft-edged squares, rectangles, 1950s Mad Men half-rims. Then in shade, we’re talking transparent and sandy, sultry monochrome, dusty pink, rose gold, bronze, grey, tortoiseshell, thick frames, slim frames, any combination you fancy! Our low-cost Givenchy glasses are a perfect accessory. Have a peruse right now.

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