Hugo Boss Glasses

Hugo Boss – endlessly suave and engineered to perfection. The luxury fashion house was founded in early 1920s Germany and began with a focus on government and military uniforms. Of course, owing to history, this period is not looked back upon favourably. However in 1950 – after WWII and the death of Boss – the brand revamped and men’s suits became the focus.The 1980s was when the brand really flourished, extending from men’s suits to women’s clothing and fragrances. It’s been worn by all the A-listers including James Bond himself, Daniel Craig.

The slick angles and razor-sharp tailoring have earned the brand its stars of acclaim. And you too could be part of it for just a fraction of the cost. Our Hugo Boss collection is all about variety. Gone are the days of uniformity. Today, Boss is eye-catching, diverse, endlessly stylish and, of course, overwhelmingly, beautifully German.

We’ve got thick frames, barely-there frames, slender frames, wide frames and narrow edges. And that’s not all. If you’re into standing out from the crowd, our low-cost Hugo Boss glasses are the accessory for you. They’re colourful, angular and beautifully crafted. They’re glossy black, matte black, gunmetal grey, tortoiseshell, red marbled, blue marbled, grey marbled, rectangles, circles, half-rimmed Mad Men-esque. Whatever your aesthetic, Hugo Boss glasses are the perfect facial complement.

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