Kangol Glasses

Hey there, the 90s is calling. They want to cordially welcome you to the Kangol page of Low Cost Glasses. We know what brought you here – that old feeling of nostalgia and the burning desire to bring back the timeless classic that is the Kangol backwards cap. Well what we have is far better. A triumph of style and function. Our Kangol glasses are a sight for sore eyes indeed (get it?).

What do we have, you cry out in agonising suspense? We have shapes to make your heart swoon, materials aplenty, colours and styles to prompt applause from your adoring admirers. Ready for the details? Friend, you were born ready.

We have thick frames, slender frames, semi-rimless frames for that 50s Mad Men aesthetic – whatever your face shape and whatever your style, you’ll find a frame that’s THE ONE you’ve been dreaming of. Then let’s get onto the shapes, shall we? We’re talking wide rectangles, slender rectangles, narrower than narrow rectangles, thick-framed squares, antique-looking ovals, that boy who lived wide, round frame aesthetic. You know what we’re talking about. (Well, we hope you do.)

And then the pièce de résistance – the colours. My oh my, what a selection! We’re talking black and red, black on black, glossy black, glossy brown, matte and fancy, crystal clear, frosty crystal, hot pinks, dusty pinks, popping purples, gunmetal grey, marbled creations, mottled sensations! Go on. Get scrolling. At these prices, you’ll be a fool not to grab yourself a slice of fabulous Kangol finesse.

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