Lacoste Glasses

Oh mon ami, quelle joie! The latest men’s eyewear collection from iconic French brand Lacoste has just dropped and it does not disappoint. Stacks of fresh styles for you to swoon over, these are the glasses that would make you want to wear glasses if you didn’t wear glasses. Follow me?

There’s elegant. There’s original. Darn it, there’s even urban-sport-chic. Whatever you think you want in your next pair of glasses; this collection has got it locked down. It’s like Rene Lacoste himself travelled forward in time, climbed inside your brain, stole your thoughts and created a clothing brand that would revolutionise sporting apparel just so you would have the perfect pair of specs. Far-fetched, yes, but totally possible.

The one thing we love about Lacoste…err scrap that, there’s tonnes of things we love about Lacoste. The one thing we love most about this brand is its sense of flair. A tiny detail here, a touch of texture there. This collection is clever.

Let’s delve a little deeper. The collection includes metal frames in black, brown, petrol blue, matt green and two-tone aqua. These are your classic rectangular frames: smart and sleek, with unique detailing. Then there are plastic frames aplenty. Again, all rectangular, all full frames, but with different heights and widths to offer something to suit all face shapes. As well as your solid black, there’s beautiful blue and burgundy hues, smoky greys, transparent tortoiseshell and something that looks a little like a ninja turtle crossed with kryptonite. Branding on all the specs is super subtle with embossed lettering on the arm or an appearance from the happy snappy croc himself (fun fact: he used to be an alligator).

We’re bringing the Lacoste brand to Low Cost Glasses for the first time and we couldn’t be more stoked. A collection of this season’s must-have styles with the famous Low Cost Glasses price-tag? Ahem, yes please!

Why not try them on now with our virtual online try-before-you-buy technology? It’s a bit like turning your head into a poop emoji, but way less fun.

Get ready to meet your new face furniture.

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