Marc Jacobs Glasses

Prodigal Marc Jacobs grew up in NYC in 1960s America. After attending design school, he became the youngest ever recipient of the Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent in 1984 and then went on to release his first collection, The Grunge Collection, onto the fashion hemisphere in 1992. We have Marc to thank for the shabby chic, boots, chokers and dresses themes of the 90s – and thank him we must! Jacobs’ unique collections have led some of the most celebrated and influential fashion trends that are still alive and kicking today, and his eyewear is no anomaly to this theme.

Once quoted as saying, “My clothes are not hot. Never. Never”, Jacobs instead attempts to evoke curiosity and intrigue in his designs. Why be hot when you can be memorable, right? Now, let’s discuss how this translates into eyewear. Our Marc Jacobs low-cost collection is as extensive as it is varied. It’s a true celebration of the wide-framed wonder. The nuances between them come in the rounding of the edges, the straightness of the top. We’re talking wide squares, wide rectangles, rounded rectangles, rounded squares, circles, ovals, cat-eyes edges, thick frames, more slender frames – all that you could ask for to complement your face.

But then it comes to colours, which is when our Marc Jacobs range really comes into its own. If you’re looking to stand out, take at peek at his dark frames, tortoiseshell, deep reds, bright reds, bright blues, two-toned marvels, leopard prints, clear frames, frosty frames, playful frames, patterned frames, matte colours, glossy finishes, colours you never even knew existed! It’s a true exploration of understated extravagance. (Yes, that’s a thing.) Check it out now!

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